Public Access Computers

Patrons with a valid library card may use the public access computers for 1 hour per day. The system will log you off automatically when your time is over. Be sure to save your work.

While the system keeps track of the time you spend on the library computers, it will not monitor or record your activities.

public computers – free with your library card


Patrons may print from the public computers. When ‘Print’ is clicked, the system will display a job number, the total number of pages to be printed and the total fee.

Printing costs:

$.25 per page for black and white
$.75 per page for color

Pay for your pages at the circulation desk first and library staff will send your print job to the printer.


The Library provides free wireless Internet to patrons during library hours. Connect to “sidpub”, accept the terms, and get started.

Copy Machine

Black and white copies are $.25 per page.

Fax Service

Faxing costs $1.00 per page for both sending and receiving. There is no charge for the cover page. If you would like to receive a fax, our number is: 607.563.7675.